Caroline Clarke’s artistic background begins with graphic design. She worked at that field—specializing in advertising and signs—for eight years, both in her native British Columbia and for a few years after arriving in Newfoundland in 1997.  She spent a year in Elliston, on the Bonavista Peninsula, then moved to St. John’s. Always interested in painting, she turned seriously to the medium in 1999, producing small watercolours—primarily landscapes—that she offered for sale at various outlets in St. John’s. She was also painting portraits, creating a series of decorated clock faces, and teaching and playing music.

In 2004, Clarke began to explore printmaking, specifically block printing; with assistance from St. John’s artists Tara Bryan, Marnie Parsons, and Anita Singh. “I knew I’d found my medium,” she says. “It was like a moment of illumination. Printmaking gives me a way to be more creative, to express my ideas more freely. My work now has more design and graphic elements—it’s more expressive of the things I want to say than my landscapes were.”