December Print Sale

NEW!  There have been a number of sales already! The numbers below have been changed to reflect the changes. It’s …

40th Commemorative Print

This year is a big year for the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival! Celebrating 40 years is a big deal …

Art for Sale…

Going through some of my stacks of paper and checking to see what I have left for sale after the …

Did you ever get the feeling like you’ve just been squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste? Well that is the best I can do to describe how I’m feeling these days. Actually, I feel like I’ve just been squeezed from one situation to another for awhile now.

I have moved jobs – again. It seems like I’ve been moving around forever. I’m hoping I will stick to this one now.  I actually come home with energy these days.  The new job – although busy, which I like – is not so over the top I can do the things I like to do in my off time – like drawing 🙂

It’s been a bit actually.  I’ve played around the last few months but have had no good ideas.  So lately I’ve been forcing myself to go down to the Printshop regardless – even if all I do is look through art books.  Just the act of thinking about art I hope will start something creative.  It has been a dry patch I must say.

And so, here I am, again. And here is a pic of the path to the Printshop this winter.  It will be a well worn path.IMG_0074

Making the Switch

Cara Kansala, Pam Dorey, and I had so much fun doing the first Come All Ye! show in 2008 that we decided …

Spring has finally sprung (for now anyway) and I have been working on a poster for a new concert my husband and the very talented Chris Kirby have been putting together. Last year, my husband, John, was asked to stage manage a “new talent” contest which in turn introduced him to some wonderful young musicians. Coincidentally, Chris Kirby was offering the prize to the winners of this contest in the form of recording a demo which introduced him to the same. Chris and John have been so inspired by the level of musicianship and professionalism of these young performers they have decided to put a concert together that will take place at the LSPU Hall, Saturday, June 15th.

So I invite you to come out to this show. You will be blown away. At this concert you will see some of the finest music written and performed by some of the finest musicians in this province today.

And…here is the poster… 😮

Chris Kirby Concert

new print

“A crocus faces no judgement from the sun. Nor does it fear harsh criticism as it sprouts from the ground. …

more changes

Well, I’m on Day 2 of yet another new chapter. As many are aware, thanks to Facebook, I have started …

first big snow

First BIG snow! Time to play mandolin and do some drawing. No power. Luckily we don’t need electricity to play:)

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I was having fun today doing up a new poster for the next FAS event. On January 27th, Young Folk at the Hall will be held at the LSPU Hall once again – this is it’s 12th Year! And this year, just because there is so much young talent in Newfoundland, there is going to be an extra concert in the event at 8pm. A Showcase of New Artists will feature the likes of Brianna Gosse, Peter Lanon, Nick Earle, Kat McLevey, Jenna Maloney, Esmee Gilbert and Leslie Amminson – many being alumni of the Young Folk Program.  Tickets for both events can be purchased at the LSPU Hall.

Wassail tickets going fast

We got quite the surprise yesterday when we went to check on tickets at O’Briens for the Wassail. They were …


This week I was pleased to submit my final piece for a book cover illustration I was commissioned to do. The book is for the MMaP division of MUN and it is for a book that cover the cultural diversity of St. John’s.  I needed to represent 10 – 15 different countries somehow, while still representing St. John’s. This actually didn’t take too long, and after only a couple of drafts I managed to come up with something I think works well enough while still keeping it light.  I didn’t want to get away from what I have been doing the last couple of years because that is the work the good folks at the MMaP have seen so I didn’t want to shock them :o)  Love this type of work!