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I was having fun today doing up a new poster for the next FAS event. On January 27th, Young Folk at the Hall will be held at the LSPU Hall once again – this is it’s 12th Year! And this year, just because there is so much young talent in Newfoundland, there is going to be an extra concert in the event at 8pm. A Showcase of New Artists will feature the likes of Brianna Gosse, Peter Lanon, Nick Earle, Kat McLevey, Jenna Maloney, Esmee Gilbert and Leslie Amminson – many being alumni of the Young Folk Program.  Tickets for both events can be purchased at the LSPU Hall.

Well the poster is finished and now we just have to wait for the concert.  I can’t wait to see this show – Rick’s fingerpicking style is something I’ve played at for years.  The workshop is going to be excellent too.  I’m so glad we have the opportunity to present this concert. Ragtime, blues, swing – in a very happy styling.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, you can buy tickets online at the LSPU Hall or call the Hall at 753-4531.

For more info on the workshop visit