We are nearing the end of 2020. What a crazy year, eh?
I also came to the end of my most recent sketchbook. I'm getting better at actually filling an entire sketchbook before I move on to the next one. Anybody else have that problem?  I also am getting better at sharing my work.
So, I thought for this blog I'd show my whole sketchbook. Yes, the entire enchilada warts and all.
Years ago it was a terrifying thought to show anybody my art nevermind my sketchbook. The sketchbook is the place of imperfections. A place where thoughts aren't well planned and drawings not well executed. I had zero confidence in my abilities. Graphic Design school was about the death of me and I could only make it through one year. 
Later on, I moved to Newfoundland and found a community that was supportive. It was in Newfoundland I started making "stuff" in earnest.  But I never felt like a "real" artist. I always felt insufficient even doing shows and craft fairs.
But my good friend Rachel Ryan changed how I viewed art. She was talking about her work and she said how she didn't like everything she did, not even in shows or in shops. Her art is all in the moment and part of a great process. She doesn't fuss about what is complete. She keeps making art. How liberating is that?
 You can find her wonderful works on Instagram and Facebook.
This was an epiphany for me. That I didn't have to be perfect gave me the freedom to create and put myself out there. And now with websites and social media, I HAVE to put myself out there. I don't think I could have years ago.

"We're fine, why do you ask?"

So here is a brief skip through my sketchbook from this year. It is very imperfect. It includes thoughts, lists, more lists, and all things that aren't pretty or complete.
Thanks for reading!
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