It has been a long time – almost forgot I had this site.  But I have been busy printing, which is a good thing.  What you see above is a linocut over a monoprint background with chine colle. I’ve been playing with some different techniques and am starting to be pleased with the results. I now have a wee printing press of my very own and have discovered gelli plates, which makes monoprints easy.

Printers FairSo much on the go these days that I thought I should let you all know what is going on (part of the reason I don’t have time to post). You will see a version of the above print for sale at the Printer’s Fair this coming Sunday, November 22nd from 11am-5pm at Rocket Bakery.  It is my most favourite event to participate in, and is a great opportunity to catch up on what other printmakers are doing these days.  I am in good company as you can see!

Of course my better half and I can’t go too long without doing a concert and we have a doozy coming up on November 27th at the LSPU Hall. Don Ross is an incredible guitar player (see a vid here ) and easily matches the talent level we have been bringing in over the last couple years.  And of course where better to see live music than at the Hall?  You can visit for more info or better yet, get your tickets right online.  You won’t be disappointed!

Oh yes, and one last thing…for now. I am again helping out with the Wassail that happens at the George Street United Church each Christmas. This wonderful event is a major fundraiser for the Folk Arts Society.  I have been involved with this event for most years since its inception and it is near and dear to my heart for sure.  Local musicians volunteer their time and sing carols for everybody to join in on if they are so moved.  Tickets have only been on sale for a week and we have already sold about 100! This event sells out every year so I wouldn’t waste any time getting yours.  It takes place this year on December 20th at 2pm and has a terrific line up including Andy Jones reading a Jack tale – what a treat that will be!  Tickets can be purchase at O’Brien’s Music on Water Street.

Wassail 2015

Well, I imagine I will see lots of folks over the next couple of months.  The Printer’s Fair will be my last fair this year – so hopefully you can drop by for a visit!