St. John’s sunrise this morning

Ah spring and St. John’s – the season of revelations.

I have realized – or rather finally admitted – that I am a terrible blogger.  Not surprising really – I have several journals that I keep telling myself I’m going to start and most are still lovely but empty things sitting on my bookshelf.

But I have redone this little website and so I try again.

Have I done nothing since we last left off?  No, that is not the case at all.  Had a trip to Chicago and got to take a workshop at the Chicago Printmaker’s Collaborative. Participated and a couple of craft fairs. Switched jobs yet again. And am planning a trip to Kilimanjaro (yikes!) just to name a couple of things.

Also, I am pleased to be part of the household that is helping to bring Steve Dawson to St. John’s!  He is a remarkable musician that you may have heard through his duo Zubot and Dawson.  Their album “Chicken Scratch” is still on of my favourites!

We are bringing him in on April 26th, to play at the LSPU Hall and folks can still buy tickets online at

Hope to see you there – it will truly be an amazing concert.

I included a little sampler…1 minute long :o)