Cara Kansala, Pam Dorey, and I had so much fun doing the first Come All Ye! show in 2008 that we decided to put off a “Second Verse”. View my concept and artwork here. To view more of Pam and Cara’s work, you can check out their blog at Grumpy Goat Gallery.

Over the years, I have gained an understanding about what community is through music and to emphasize this point I have asked friends – fellow music lovers, dancers and musicians – what their favourites are and have tried to depict these, instead of picking my own.

There were SO many suggestions, I couldn’t possibly accommodate them all, but I think I did manage to get a good crop.

I feel a sense of connection through these songs – a connection to history, place and people, as well as the time needed to connect even further with my art.

I am grateful to the many hands I constantly look to for advice and friendship, especially to Marnie, Kelly, Debbie, Rosa, all the musicians who enabled my playing and who’ve written the songs in this show, and to the folks at St. Michael’s Printshop and the Craft Council, and really the whole town St. John’s. And I’m especially grateful to my husband John.

No man (or woman) is an island and I’m thankful for that.

(All prints are for sale and can be shipped. Atlantic Blue and Two for Joy editions are sold out.)