Well, I have been having trouble thinking about what to write these days.  My goal was to write about what I’ve been doing once a week and the problem is I’ve been doing more thinking than doing.  I’ve had the luxury of time the last couple months – more time than I’ve had in years really.  And my brain is breathing a big sigh of relief.  The last couple of years, I haven’t even been able to read an entire book from start to finish – I’ve been reading books but jumping around in them if you can imagine that.  I guess it mirrors what we all do on Facebook these days.  Forget about a plot.

Unfortunately, the more oxygen my brain is getting, the more my head is travelling into the clouds.  Yesterday I lost my bank card and my gloves.  Locking myself out of the house seems inevitable.  I’ve also been catching myself singing as I walk to work or go on errands – out loud – slightly out of key as is my style.  Becomes really interesting when I try to sing harmony out loud to the tune in my head. I’m turning into one of those crazy old ladies who wears whacky clothing, forgets her glasses on her head, and will most likely burn the house down forgetting she put dinner on the stove an hour ago.

Yup – that’s my fate I suppose.  Attractive?  Maybe not.

Oh, and I’ve been trying meditation which is probably contributing to my “head in the clouds” syndrome.  My husband has suggested transcendental medication, which would probably be more practical, but I’ll stick to my way at the moment.  I don’t know if I’m meditating right, but I like how I’m feeling.  Focusing a bit more on the best of things rather than the complaints.  I’m not worried a bit if I forget some of the complaints or forget to mention them. There are always plenty more so I’m content to let go of a few.  It’s so easy to criticize and judge – so difficult to find something good to say.  And of course the more generous I am with negativity and judgement, the harsher I judge myself. Not really a great path to follow but always tempting – like a big piece of candy – rewarding very briefly but the residual effects aren’t very appealing (I love food analogies).

Anyways, I will leave my drawing of my grandmother’s teapot.  No big significance but I just like drawing and my grandmother’s teapot brings me joy.

Happy April and hope you get to have a wonderful afternoon tea :o)

Grannies Tea Pot