Well, I’m on Day 2 of yet another new chapter. As many are aware, thanks to Facebook, I have started a new position at St. Michael’s Printshop as Business Manager.  Mike Connolly will shift to Studio Manager and will be maintaining the busy studio. I really can’t believe that I will be working with this wonderful organization – it really is a dream come true.  I will be back on familiar turf in the arts but get the bonus of working in a fine art printshop.  I am also going part-time so I can have a chance to do more graphic design and my own artwork.  I am very lucky indeed.

Having spent the last two years (well almost two years) in the corporate world I have rediscovered the value of the arts community and why I loved working in it. I left the Craft Council of NL a couple years ago for different shores, and after 12 years (almost 13), I felt it was time for a change.  But I missed my community.

To me the arts are much more than just creating a painting, concert, song, poem, sculpture.  To me the arts create a community and create an identity for said community.  It is a venue for thought and dialog where no topic is avoided.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes funny – but always insightful.

To me the arts are one of the few things that aren’t completely automated or instant.  They slow us down, make us use our minds and our hands – even when technology is incorporated in the art.

And, the arts by their nature give balance to a consumer society I think. I always trip up on this concept – I understand my privileged lifestyle wouldn’t exist without it – but I don’t like being reduced to our society’s most common denominator – the consumer.  And I feel so many bad things happen because we forget that we are human beings – not an avatar, credit card number or consumer.  The arts just don’t work this way for some reason.  Of course artists want to sell CD’s and paintings to make a living (and I’m happy to help to that!), but the reason seems to be to make more art rather than keep shareholders happy – and I’m all for more art :o)  Who knows – I may end up back in the corporate world one day – never say never! – but for now I’m grateful this opportunity came up.

I’m happy to be at St. Michael’s.  I love the feel of nice paper, the smell of ink, and seeing all the wonderful creations, and the sounds of Water Street. I will keep you all posted.  Feel free to pass this around and drop in to St. Michael’s for a visit :o)  I’ll be happy to show you around and maybe we can go the The Sprout for lunch!