This was my first solo show way back in 2005. While I was working on the show it happened to coincide with the passing of a good friend and co-worker. I can never look at these images without thinking of her.

“Throughout the past year, I have been struck by how life changes so quickly from highs to lows and back again.  I have also considered our lack of control over what ultimately happens to us. It constantly amazes me how a desperate situation can turn into prosperity, and just how much of life we can’t plan for.  I have chosen the concept of playing cards to express my current belief that a lot of what happens in life is “the hand you’re dealt”.  I am creating a deck of cards using relief printing.  Instead of the usual Queen, King, etc. each card will have a personality.  When they are all printed, I will shuffle and pull cards, and then collage together the results.  Through this process I hope to convey the randomness  and order that fate seems to play out in our lives.”

Not all pieces that were in the show are shown here.

This show is sold out.